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Launched in 2017, The Style Series was created out of need for photographers, event stylists and designers to feed their creative souls, and enhance their skills + portfolios. The Styled Series brings creatives from all facets of the wedding and event industry together to embark on the ever changing business, and use their refined knowledge to encourage and educate fellow professionals. 

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or you've just launched your business, our Styled Series was created with you in mind! In an industry filled with both fleeting trends and timeless classics, we all understand the importance of staying current to create appealing and relevant content for our ideal clients. 


A collection of Styled Shoots

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As a Columbus native, and owner of Perfectly Planned Events,  Natasha Churches saw the overwhelming need in our city for photographers and designers to have an outlet to represent their businesses. After numerous inquiries + requests for styled shoots, she created a solution: The Style Series.

Her vision, opportunistic drive, and dynamic passion led her to where we are today. With the help of her team, she has created the perfect opportunity to bring together other strong, talented, like-minded women + professionals to grow their  businesses and brand their creative souls!

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Photos by Anna Markley Photography

aka... an amazing local creative we hope you get to meet! 


Natasha Churches 

Creator - Owner - Wedding Planner - Designer 


Head Shot by Lynn Leitch Photography